Newport’s original organic dry cleaner


As Newport Beach’s original and true organic dry cleaner, Bayside Cleaners is able to provide our clients with couture level cleaning service for any number of garments and washable items.

At Bayside Cleaners, we finish each garment by hand ironing rather than conventional pressing and hand finish each of your laundry shirts. We check each and every button and specific detail on our custom inspection line. We also specialize in formal wear including silks, gowns, and wedding dresses in addition to your household items. Our high attention to detail keeps our customers coming back.


dry cleaning

-  custom dry cleaning
-  household items
-  couture, evening, and bridal wear


-  dress shirts
-  household items
-  wash and fold laundry

Service Menu

complimentary pick up and delivery

We offer pick-up and delivery services both on a weekly and on an as-needed basis, with a minimum of five pieces of dry cleaning each pick-up. Schedules can be arranged for pickup on Monday and delivery on Thursday, or for pickup on Tuesday and delivery on Friday. If your scheduling needs are more specific, please call our store—we are happy to accommodate to the best of our ability!

You're at your best when your clothes are at theirs

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Bayside cleaners' signature process

Our treatments fight stubborn stains, preserve vibrant colors, and keep whites their brightest. Hand care is an instrumental part of our process. We conduct minor repairs both before cleaning and after a final inspection, and garments are soft pressed to minimize shine and impressions. Delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, cashmere, and linen receive extra gentle cleaning and drying, while suits and ties are treated to rolled edges. We offer laundered shirts both carefully packed on hangers to minimize wrinkling, and folded shirts boxed exactly as new.

Clothing items are sorted upon arrival at Bayside Cleaners based on fabric, colors, and appropriate cleaning method. Garments are inspected for any stains, tears, or missing elements to identify any individual cleaning needs. Stains are treated by hand individually to prepare for cleaning.


sorting & Spotting

Items are laundered or dry cleaned, following the appropriate cleaning process. We use the latest and most environmentally sustainable technology in dry cleaning and laundry machines, operated with our decades of experience handling your garments. After cleaning, we ensure items meet our standards before taking them to be pressed.



Depending on your garments' individual needs, they will be pressed and steamed gently by hand rather than conventional commercial methods to minimize shine and impressions. Our team presses or steams each garment in the best way to maintain its individual look and shape. We offer true hand-finishing, and will press exactly as you prefer.


pressing & steaming

Clothing is inspected piece by piece to make sure that not a speck is out of place. The owner himself takes his trained eye to personally inspect each item with the precision and care that it deserves. We ensure that any stains or wrinkles have been properly removed and that all buttons and details are in-place.



Once each and every garment has been approved, it is hung and bagged to go home. Clothing can also be folded and boxed when preferred and specified to meet your needs.


folding & bagging

Your items are ready for you to pick up, or for us to deliver. Learn more about our complimentary pickup and delivery here.


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